TRLS addresses an access-to-justice gap that manifests from the unique circumstances of refugees, asylum seekers & other humanitarian entrants into the Tasmanian community.

Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service


Facilitating a range of education services to case workers, clients and community based organisations.

Legal Education & Community Forums Across The State

Our aim is to both assist refugees, and educate the community about our human rights obligations to refugees, and how we can all assist. Legal and immigration clinics are an integral aspect of the TRLS and resources and documents are developed and distributed in line with changes to immigration policy and case law.

The purpose of the legal education program is to facilitate better-supported integration into Australian society by working to close the knowledge gap regarding legal information and legal aid for highlighted topics. Obstacles in integration can be generated by family breakdowns during migration, or isolation as a symptom of domestic and family violence. These barriers can be reduced with access to legal knowledge and access to justice.

Given the unique experience of many refugees fleeing prosecution and life-threatening situations, the importance of creating an awareness of political and personal safety through education on human rights and legal systems in Australia is typically ignored.

This service offers new ways to provide legal education which included video education services in collaboration with Citizen Tasmania. This video series was launched in a program funded by the law foundation of Tasmania and involved multiple areas of a practice including our family reunification legal practice and our family violence migration service.

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