TRLS addresses an access-to-justice gap that manifests from the unique circumstances of refugees, asylum seekers & other humanitarian entrants into the Tasmanian community.

Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service

Our Stories

The impact of our work is life changing for approximately 100 people and families each year.

The Impact Of Our Work

This is just a selection from the many of the stories of client’s lives, that the Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service has been able to change over the years.  *Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Because of family violence, Lucy left her relationship and sought help from family violence services. Her permanent (subclass 801) partner visa had not yet been granted when the relationship ended.
Abdul’s story exemplifies the impact of Direction 80 and the significance of its revocation.
The social environment of Australia supports the applicant’s sexual identity, and this resulted in Sayed being able to come out to his friends in Australia as part of the freedom he has to express his true identity.
This is a story of a young Tasmanian family that were facing almost certain separation and now can live together in Tasmania in safety for the rest of their lives.
As her relationship ceased as a result of the family violence perpetrated by her partner, Aisha had to flee her home during a time when she was on a temporary visa.
Stella had a well-founded fear of persecution based on her membership of a particular social group with fear of persecution her home country of Zambia.